The innovative solution for ready meal production


The advantages for your product

  • Gentle treatment of the products due to by individual heating of each component
  • Reduction of spice / salt addition for a healthier product!
  • Extended shelf life BBD>30 days at +4-8°C
  • Very short processing times compored to conventionell processing methods

The advantages for you:

  • Quick amortisation time, because no additional licence costs apply
  • High flexibility in the choice of packaging
  • Use of raw materials == > reduction of process costs
  • Modular design == > A system which grows with your demands
  • Small footprint == > allows a straight production line flow
  • Reduction of handling costs == > a lows a fully automatic run-through process
  • Consistently high product quality == > usage of latest temperature monitoring technology
  • low specific energy requirements == > energy is only activated/consumed
    when needed
  • Very good work conditions == > low noise and exhaust emission.

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